Lifestyle management and personal assistance service designed to free up your time and make your life more enjoyable, thus enhancing and improving the quality of your life and relationships most important to you.
Respitely Seeking Mary provides professional, quality non-medical care services. Clients are guaranteed the highest level of integrity, confidentiality and efficiency.

Life is a juggling act and finding balance can be difficult. Families today are now separated by distance, daily obligations and lack of time. Chances are you spend precious time trying to figure out a way to get everything done when it is clear your schedule just doesn’t allow it yet these are the challenges many face every day.

Respitely Seeking Mary understands these challenges and provides the support and personal assistance you need to help alleviate the time, distance and urgency concerns your schedule does not afford. No longer will you have to sacrifice time spent with family and friends. Now you can be home enjoying dinner together as a family before leaving for your daughter’s recital OR you can sit down with your Mom and help put a jigsaw puzzle together while talking about the good ‘ole days OR treating your Dad to a baseball game, glove in hand, just in case a foul ball comes your way. It’s moments like these that allow relationships to evolve into more substantial and memorable ones.

Respitely Seeking Mary serves as an invaluable resource in helping you maximize the quality of your life more effectively, more efficiently and with more flexibility.

The most valuable gift you can give yourself and to those you care about is your time.
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