Why Respite?

Lifestyle management and personal assistance service designed to free up your time and make your life more enjoyable, thus enhancing and improving the quality of your life and relationships most important to you.
Respitely Seeking Mary provides professional, quality non-medical care services. Clients are guaranteed the highest level of integrity, confidentiality and efficiency.
The word Respite is often described as “to relieve temporarily” or “short break”. It is not a word indigenous to a specific culture, race or age group. It exists universally.

With today’s world changing more rapidly than ever, time is no longer a luxury. There are boundaries and limitations placed on our time such as what we do, when we do it and for how long. Feeling overwhelmed due to increased commitments and obligations can manifest feelings of frustration and resentment. These constraints have become an unwelcomed nuisance in our lives and if harbored, inevitably, personal and professional relationships are affected.

Respitely Seeking Mary is a friendly face, a listening ear and a helping hand, which can make all the difference. It is designed to give you a break from your busy schedule, allowing you time and freedom to do what ever you want. It provides a reprieve for the individual trying to do it all and has been proven beneficial to their health and well-being. It has also afforded a positive experience for families and maintained those valued relationships.

Respitely Seeking Mary furnishes the necessary short break that relieves stress, restores energy, and promotes balance in your life.

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